Bind DNS resolution problem.

I have a little problem with my bind DNS. It works, i can resolve names and reserve resolve the names into IP.

But let’s say i have a PC called Windows.
My network name is, home.lan

So when my DHCP gives the IP, my DNS server gives out windows.home.lan

So if i nslookup windows it gives me nothing, but if i nslookup windows.home.lan it shows me the correct IP adresse.

Is there a way to tell the DNS that windows and windows.home.lan is the samething??
My DNS is auto-updated by my DHCP.

Thanks for your help and time,

No one can help?


I think the problem is not located in the server but the client. Did you set up the default domain search correctly? You do so in Yast -> network devices -> nameserver and hostname -> default domain search (retranslated from german version). Put home.lan in there.

What does this mean? Normally we resolve full qualified domain names as windows.home.lan. If you like to short cut this for local networking you tell your DNS-Client to add the domain name whenever you search for only the host name. So in your case you type “windows” and “home.lan” is added automatically.