Best version for a skylake CPU?


As title, I have a motherboard with a skylake CPU and it is not yet smooth on Leap 42.1, would it work better with tumbleweed? or would that likely have some niggles of its own?

As leap is a much older kernel that does not have skylake specific stuff in it I believe.

as far as I know, there’s been skylake specific support additions in 4.3 and 4.4. and leap 42.1 is on the 4.1 LTS. In the meantime tumbleweed is now with kernel 4.5, so I guess it should work better, but there’s nothing like actually experimenting…


Well I am on Leap 42.1 already, and I am finding it rough at the edges, so my question is about how rough around the edges is tumbleweed, I dont have enough time to install that if it is going to be endless tinkering to catch up with the changes.

I can only attest to my own experience, I’ve been using it for a month, and being a rolling release I expected it to be a bit troublesome, but it’s been working like a charm. Only with the update of samba it went a bit off, but nothing a “zypper dup” didn’t fix.

Yet again, that depends on your system and configuration, and what you mean by “rough edges”.

these rough edges:

I’ve been reading that threat for the last few minutes, interesting to say the least.

I suspect some of those issues might come back, but you’ve learned how to fix them, so, why not give it a shot? In the worst case scenario you can always go back to 42.1 and redo the changes in that post.

As far as the window manager, if XFCE runs then it should do the job for your family members, it’s simple and functional enough.

Before switching to Tumbleweed, you might try adding the kernels repo “”. Then you can try installing a newer kernel. You might have to disable secure-boot to use the newer kernel.

I’m not sure about the Skylake CPU and Windows 7. Microsoft has deliberately disabled Skylake to support Windows 7.
However, recently they have enabled the support cycle for OEMs to support Skylake devices shown on the supported list through July 17, 2018.
After this date, Microsoft will address the most critical Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 security updates for the Skylake configurations and will release
these updates if the update does not risk the reliability or compatibility of the Windows 7/8.1 platform or other devices (additional details from Microsoft).

See this link:

I used nlite and the other sliptreaming tools over a couple of months, could not get beyond a bluescreen when the second stage image tried to install, and had to admit defeat at that point. I will not install Win 10 ever, and before too long win 7 will be abandoned by MS, so time to move on, except for at work where it is my employers issue to keep it under control.