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This is not just a fantasy about the adventures in the world of growing up. “Sea of Sorrow” to show us the history of Tyria a dark event, it directly affects the “Guild Wars 2” game world. I can not reveal too much, at least to a burst of light to everyone!

Through Cobiah eyes, readers will witness the rise of Orr. Novel shows us Lion’s Arch undead dragon weapons destruction and creation. Cobiah must confront his past, so he can rebuild Lion’s Arch, the arrival of all races and to Lion’s Arch as their city to bring hope. The history of these moments throughout Tyria history is perhaps the most important part. Games have been telling us that this is a dark time, but now we have the opportunity to know what happened in the end.

“Sea of Sorrows” is a great book, but it also tells us another story. When Ree Soesbee writing this book, try to ensure that her story and her background Tyria established association. In fact, all of the novel fighting to ensure that they are in the game today, as we see in the background to write. So do not think this is just a random story, in fact, the story with the “Guild Wars 2” has a direct relationship. In fact, from this story we see can see Easter eggs throughout the game. In order to further these books and games, and you can expect to see Living Story appears live events. Please try to use your eyes and ears to capture these relationships.

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How to I play Guild Wars 2 online

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> How to I play Guild Wars 2 online

You start the application and select whatever “online” option there is.


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