Best Practise Imageing Linux Opensuse 11.3


I want to change my opensuse 11.3 to another Harddisk with Imageing.
How has to be in fstab the partitions defined (Options) the Mountingpoints, Hardiskinfo UUID, Device ID, Device Name, Device Path, or Volume Label for a good restore imageing? When I do a image (Acronis) restore so that the new Harddisk will be acceped with Opensuse 11.3?
Sorry for my bad english…

Is the other hard disk on another machine or on the same machine? openSUSE will have set everything up to suit the hardware of the machine you are currently using. If it is on a different machine with different hardware, you will be better doing a fresh install and just copying over /home and any other data files that are not stored in /home.

A little bit more information on exactly what you propose to do may help you to get useful replies.