best app for finding dupicate files - kde

I need recommendations for the best GUI or command finding duplicate photos. I have a folder with a mix of backup folders and assorted files.

It should use an sha512 checksum. I can write one myself, but i rather find one. Since these are important photos, I need a trusted utility.


I normally use “fdupes” - it should already be installed…

Thanks for the info. Also, I found a GUI as well, “FSlint”.

I had the chance to try it and appears to have worked, 50% of the files were duplicates. I able to make a proper backup.

OK… I wasn’t aware of “FSlint”, so just took a look. It appears it’s no longer actively maintained, but on it’s “github” page I found this post amongst the “issues” which list a few more GUI alternatives. (Although of course you may well have seen that anyway…)

None are in opensuse library. I will have to compile each one? So far, i’v not been able to compile clamav.


This link works. It’s has the same functions.