Behavior of Ctrl-Alt-Del in Gnome

I want to change the menu that pops up when you press ctrl-alt-del.

What I want is when I press ctrl-alt-delete it pops up the log out menu where the default highlighted option is lock the screen, but it also includes options to log out, shutdown and restart. I want to remove the suspend and hibernate options. I’ve included a screenshot of what I see right now:](

I’m using OpenSuse 11.2 running Gnome. According to the Keyboard Shortcuts program, Ctrl+Alt+Delete is supposed to be mapped to Log out.

Is there any way to modify what’s on the menu that gets displayed?


You need to use the gconf-editor in apps->gnome-power-manager->general
uncheck the can_hibernate and can_suspend.

If your wanting to lock it down then you need to investigate using
gconf.xml.mandatory directory, here are some examples;

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