Before I had suse 11.1 32-bit but now I will install 64-bit

Hi everyone,

I will do what the gentlemen told me todo:

Re: Should I reinstall suse11.1 or10.3
either will be ok (ok defined as stable, usable, dependable and fast)
as long as you:

  • do not install Beagle

  • do not install KDE4

  • do not enable desktop effects

  • do not spend the first 40 hours after the install adding CPU
    grabbing eye candy as fast as you can…

instead, take your time…

after the initial install, just use the machine a while the way it is
born…use Firefox to take a walk around the web…email some
friends…use OpenOffice to do some homework…

then, when you see it seems to be doing ok…then add the multimedia
stuff and listen to some music…


if, after a several days of consistently good boots and delightful
experiences on the web–THEN, if you must try the fancy stuff just do
ONE thing (like, enable desktop effects) and use it a while (while
defined as SEVERAL hours and either a nights sleep and cold boot, or
power down/hibernate and re-life) before you do ANYthing else…

approaching a system that way will let you see WHERE the problems
come from…


He is the men “assistant” told me what to do .

I appreciate everyone of you to help me out and it is nice like be a familyrotfl!;).

I`ll be back for more questions.

Tnx again to all of you to try to help me.




I did what you told and it is working.But I update KDE3 it is running perfect.
May only few thing will not work I will find out next time.

Should I let it run for 48hrs before I shot down the my computer :.


Should I let it run for 48hrs before I shot down the my computer

Oh No!:open_mouth: Mike don’t shoot your computer!lol!
Actually you can shutdown your computer anytime you want & turn it back on anytime you want. It doesn’t have to run any specific length of time for most stuff. The only times one would not shut down is during a download(you might lose it) or during an installation of software(might really mess up the PC).
Computer, I call it a PC no matter what type it is.