Beep after the grub menu is displayed

Is it possible to make the computer beep after the Grub boot menu is displayed?
So far I managed to make it beep about four or five seconds before the menu is actually displayed on the monitor.
My attention span is not that long, I get bored waiting for the menu to appear and then I forget to switch to my desired OS.
I edited the grub file, uncommenting the line
GRUB_INIT_TUNE=“480 440 1”
and then I run the following command as superuser

Not without modifying grub sources. grub first reads complete grub.cfg collecting menu items while it does it and then shows menu using items collected in the first step. Any command you add to grub.cfg will be executed before menu is shown. It may be possible to add menu entry that beeps when executed, set it as default and add fallback entries so grub automatically tries them after the default. But fallback entries are executed immediately, without any timeout, so it probably will not help.

Thanks for info, that answers my question.

You can set the timeout to zero and it will wait until your attention wanders back to your screen :wink: