BCM2070 not recognized

Hi community

I have a Laptop with a Broadcom 2070 bluetooth adapter. In any other distros, it just works. Arch, Arch Derivatives and Fedora, it works. On tumbleweed is not even reconginzed. I have it on dual boot with Win7, and there it works.

I’ve downloaded the BCM2070 firmware from packman, but it’s still not recognized.

Is not showed on lsusb or hwinfo --bluetooth

Am I doing something wrong, or is tumbleweed not suited for this device???

Thanks in advance…

Open a terminal window and run

dmesg --follow

Plug in the device and observe/capture any output generated.

This might be relevant too

/usr/sbin/rfkill list

Funny story… In Plasma, No Bluetooth, but in GNOME is working like a charm…

No information…left to speculate… :wink:

I’ve got new info. The Broadcom 8020 adapter was indeed identified, but it was Soft Blocked. I figured that out by running “rfkill”.

After just unblocking all listed on rfkill, Bluetooth was in fact working…

So all good now?

Pretty Much yes… The bluetooth issue was the last thing to solve on this machine, and now it runs ok… Thanks…!!!

Glad to have been of help. :slight_smile:

No problem… It’s odd that in the KDE Desktop, the device is Soft blocked, and in GNOME is not… For users not too tech savii that can be a little distracting…

Maybe a fix for this can be included in the next snapshot and in Leap, since this issue is also present there…

This is what I did

#systemctl enable rfkill-unblock@all 
#systemctl start rfkill-unblock@all