Batch resizing applications

I am looking for image batch processing (mainly resizing) apps. As I have problems with Nautilus Image Resize in the other thread, are there any other software that is fairly easy to use to batch resize images? Preferably from a one-click install that works.

I tried Phatch, but that didn’t work for me.

Check this thread
nautilus-image-converter not showing up… - openSUSE Forums

Uh, that is exactly the same link I provided and participated in earlier.

In kde yes
gwenview has that function

In the batch? How do you call gwenview in a background run?

Do you mean without the UI?
I don’t know anyway, I never even use it in the UI either, but I just tried it, and seems fine.
You need this installed:

Have you tried mogrify? It’s part of ImageMagick available from YaST.

Are we talking complete different things here? I am a bit dumb, I know. But when the OP says: “batch processing”, I think he means a CLI program, because you can put a call to such a program in a script and then run that script in the batch (unattended running without a log in, via cron, at or batch).

I do not know if such an application (manipulating picture files without seeing what you are doing) exists. I tried to glance through the gwenview website and through the online Help and I did not find such a feature for gwenview.

What do you mean with “I never even use it in the UI”? There must be at least one UI, either GUI, or CLI, or Ncurses and the CLI one can then be:
. only command line with option and parameter fields (good for batch)
. interactive with question/answer lines (not so good for batch);
(I may have forgotton more possibilities here, but these are the basic one imho).

I mean I never use the resize function - Full stop.

We are getting off point discussing what I mean. Gwenview will do the job though.

I now see “it” is the resize, not gwenview. As I said, I am dumb.

Yes, the OP still wants such a functionality usable in the batch.

Well I for one am not sure what I am ever talking about, but when I invoke “mogrify -resize 640 myphoto.jpg” from the command line interface (a.k.a. Konsole running in Suse 11.2) I get a smaller (640 x 480), same-aspect-ratio picture than the 1280 x 960 I started with.

If I invoke “mogrify -resize 640x200 myphoto.jpg” I get a 267 x 200 same-aspect-ratio image.

Perhaps if this does not provide what you want you might invoke “man mogrify” as there are MANY options.

WARNING - It overwrites the original image.

Try baires, it’s qt based though;

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At least it can be run from the batch as the OP wants it. He should decide for himself if the functionality is also to hist taste. To me it seems that you have found the right solution (but I am not the OP).

With imagemagick tools, one can “batchify” image manipulation, and it is quite simple.
For example: Batch Resize Images Using Imagemagick - Digital Photography Tips and Techniques
ImageMagick came as a standard package for openSuse. (see here

I just use a simple script to convert jpegs from the command line…


IMAGESIZE="800x600 640x480"

# Create directories for converted images
do mkdir -p $X
echo "Creating $X directory"
cd $X
# resize images
for FILE in ../*.jpg
do convert $FILE -resize $X ${FILE##*/}
echo "Resizing $FILE to $X"
cd ..

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Thanks all for the help. What I meant was batch resizing / processing images (but mainly resizing). Forgive me if I wrote it in a confusing way.

OK thanks, malcolmlewis, I will give Baires a try.

OK, maybe this might seem like a dumb question, but how do I run ImageMagick? I don’t see it anywhere in my installation.

I am very GUI oriented. Even worse, once I solve the image resize problem thing it will not be me who will operate the computer to resize images, which is why the process needed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Something like Nautilus Image Converter comes to mind but it did not work for me.

Imagemagic is the library. The Command Line app is “convert”

at the command line type

man convert
info convert

Thanks, that’s what I figured.

I tried Baires. Granted it’s not a very elegant solution. At the hands of a complete beginner it was simply a frustrating experience to figure out which is where. With some (intensive) training I guess they could overcome it but I’m sure there are better options.