batch photo resizer application needed

Hi all,

I need a good batch photo resizer to email pics out.

Maybe something that could attach pics to Thunderbird once resized.



You could give phatch a try, the developer once posted in these forums asking for more users.

Phatch - Photo Batch Processor

Looks like that site is down. Try here:

Phatch = PHoto & bATCH!: Welcome!

> I need a good batch photo resizer to email pics out.

mogrify and/or convert (both part of ImageMagick)
for magic incantations, see:
man imagemagick
man mogrify
man convert

you can do (resize AND lots of other stuff) an entire directory (or
more/less) with one command line and ‘Enter’ press…

see caveat:
DenverD (Linux Counter 282315) via NNTP, Thunderbird, KDE
3.5.7, SUSE Linux 10.3, #1 SMP i686 athlon

I always use “birt”. It is basic and simple, but works well for me:

If you have your software repositories setup properly, then installing birt is a breeze: Repositories - openSUSE-Community I recommend only OSS, NON-OSS, Update and Packman for your repositories. Adding any more can cause newbies problems as not all rpms from one packagers repository are compatible with rpms from another packagers repository.

Hey thanks Guys,

I am no to slick with ImageMagik, but will try the GUI for it, Birt.

As for the Repos, I do keep only those four enabled all the times. I only enable others as needed for the moment, then disable. (as per your instructions a couple of months back, OldCPU :wink: )