Basic Installing Questions

Hi I’m a Suse newbe,

I have some questions to installing and running programms on suse.
Since I rented a virtual Server at the Moment I have only shell root access so no GUI.^^

I tried to install some programs one rpm file and p7zip which comes with an

The rpm file was the teamviewer_linux.rpm.
I tried installing the rpm with the command:
zypper install teamviewer_linux.rpm
after moving to the directory of the rpm, but after checking some repository he says teamviewer_linux.rpm not found.
Any Idea why?

The p7zip program which comes with was installed(I think) with
it was giving me some paths:
installing … usr/local/man/man1/7z.1
installing … usr/local/man/man1/7za.1
installing … usr/local/man/man1/7zr.1

If I check these directories I can see these Files but my question is how do I run them? That’s a general Question for all Programs I have and am about to install on Suse.

The OS is OpenSuse 10.3 with plesk9 (64 Bit)

PS: I can’t update to 11 as some OS are given for the Server and 10.3 is the most current.

thanks in advance.

You obviously do not have any basic Linux knowledge, therefore lack any concept how to run it. Please note that servers are very popular targets for various attacks with the goal to use it within a botnet, for spreading spam, childporn, hosting illegal forums and the like. Either way it’s you who still have the (judicial) responsibility for anything that happens with that system. To prevent that, one must know how to set up and secure a system (installing and configuring applications via command line, analyzing logfiles, security etc.). Also the SuSE version you use is not supported anymore, meaning you can not provide any bugfixes and most likely will be hacked soon or already is hacked.

Shut this system down. Right now.

A server is not a toy.

Ok so. First at the Moment there is no way to publicly access the Server.
Second The Basic System is already pre installed and I have no way of installing any Version higher than 10.3.
I am fully aware that I have only limited Linux Knowledge that’s why I am posting here The Only thing I used was Ubuntu but that has some features SuSe does not.
Some Tips would be helpful and not telling me to stop using it.
In another Thread I already asked how to configure a Remote Desktop so I won’t have to configure everything via Command Line.
I thought Linux was supposed to be easy to learn but as it seems to me now you have to be a master once installed.
Basically I know how to run a program of course. I just have to enter the the name of the executable but that didn’t work so I’m asking.
So the real Problem is where does Linux install Software and put the executables which don’t have “exe” as an extension in Linux.
I am not stupid. I just don’t know about the Linux Policies where to put what.
So some help would be useful

I must say, if you only start using linux, a virtual host running 10.3 (which is great for webserver etc.) is not the easiest step to take. Yet, you should have Yast to configure things, once logged on to the host.
Use ssh to connect to the host, then run ‘yast’ to configure things.

BTW, don’t know if the software will work, but this is the command to install an .rpm from a terminal window:

cd /path/to/rpmfile
su -c 'rpm -iUvh rpmfile'
(enter rootpassword)

and…a warm welcome here.
rpm -iUvh

Mentor11 wrote:
> I thought Linux was supposed to be easy to learn

who told you that? well, it is easy if you understand it will be
‘easy’ over a very long period of time (i’ve used it since about '98
(exclusively since about '02) and learn something every day…and,
am yet a long long way from being a guru…)

> So some help would be useful

Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition is a very good place to begin
learning about Linux so that you understand the file system, command
line, bash, and etc…it is laid out like a text book (and can be
read/studied on-line or downloaded and printed)…

it is like a textbook in that if you begin on page one and read to the
end, progressing to the next page ONLY after you have mastered the
page you are on, you will build a comprehensive knowledge from the
ground up…each page assuming you KNOW, understand and can put to use
all that precedes it…

access that free and open source text book here:

btw, the question you asked is not an openSUSE (or Ubuntu) question
but rather a basic Linux question…

this is an openSUSE forum, not a basic learning Linux forum (though i
admit about 80%+ of the requests serviced here are rightly as basic as

a longer list of both basic Linux and openSUSE specific help is listed
in this rather old post: (rather old in
that ‘they’ have since changed both the wiki and the forum layout (to
look better) and broke a lot of the paths to the goods you
seek…which may or may not be findable still…)

note: (as mentioned) openSUSE 10.x is unsupported

my best advice is: do NOT rent it, do not expose it to the internet
until you have manually patched it with intervening security
updates…if you can’t patch it, i’d suggest you un-rent it…

actually, anyone who rents out space on an unsupported and unpatched
linux server should be (imHo) boycotted, and either go out of the
renting business or shamed into only providing a current/patched
software base…


CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]
When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

The p7zip is sadly no rpm file but has the script
I tried installing the sh file and it copied some files but I don’t know how to run them.
I don’t think the .1 files are the executables anyone experience with 7zip for linux?
Another thing rpm command isn’t automatically downloading dependencies so I used zypper, which didn’t give me an error message, but again I don’t know if and where the executables are and how to run them.

hmm the Provider renting out those Servers is 1&1, I think thats a fairly big company. I don’t know why they won’t update. How long has it been since version 11 was released?
Thanks for the links.
I didn’t think it would be easy to master everything there is about on a Linux System, but why are basic features much more complicated than on other OS like Windows or Mac. A simple double click on windows choosing path and ready to go. Linux: Build -> search dependencies try again and again and again. Perhaps it will work at some point if you’re lucky.

To running 7zip for linux I managed to to get the 7za binary.
The reason I couldn’t find it before was that I downloaded the src archive which has to be Build, which is not working because g++ is not installed.
Why is everything so complicated, I will never understand.^^
So I downloaded the bin folder. I extracted the bz2 archive went to the bin folder and entered “7za” but it’s still saying command not found, which I don’t understand because the “ls” command lists a 7za file.
Hope you can help me.

  • install:

zypper in p7zip

  • then read:

man 7z

On the contrary, they are much easier. See my previous post! It’s mucher faster than

  • go to the website
  • download some ****
  • accept license agreement
  • start Windows Installer … or whatever
  • click
  • click
  • click
  • reboot

A simple double click on windows choosing path and ready to go.

A simple double click on Windows can do a lot of damage as well

Linux: Build -> search dependencies try again and again and again.

Yes please ! :slight_smile:

Note that GUI front ends like KDE and Gnome are available but have little place on a server. A server is made to serve up data. Why would you want to use up large amounts of resources to present pretty pictures to some one that is supposed to know what they are doing. A Server is not the place to learn Linux or any other OS. Download a live CD or install Linux locally. Learn how swim before you jump into the deep end.

I second that strongly.

Mentor11, you mention 1und1 being your provider for this server, so I suppose you are german or at least operate this system in Germany. You might be interested to learn a bit about your responsibilities, for example →here. Take a good look and think again if you really want to take the risk. You should not.

There’s a reason why administrator is a profession (a well paid one). It needs years of experience to be able to manage a server without having wide open security holes. It’s not the same as running your common home desktop.

Again: shut this system down.

I suggest anyone in here to not provide any help to Mentor11.

Then tell me where I can get the necessary Information to run such a Linux Server.
After some research I found a way to upgrade to 11.3 Version of openSuse. That way I don’t need the GUI anymore and I’m rid of security problems present in the unsupported version. Fact is I’m not inexperienced with server, OS Security and the like just not with Linux Systems. That’s why I figured I want to learn more about Linux, because Windows Server are much more expensive.^^ In some Way all OS resemble each other they just use different commands for similar actions.

That’s why I figured I want to learn more about Linux …]

That’s the spirit! But you should do so offline. You don’t learn how to drive a car by just giving it a shot either, do you?

Did I assume right you are german or speak german? → is quite a good forum for server topics and also has a huge area with tutorials etc. - I think it’s a good point to start.

But again: please learn offline!

You’re right about german even if I didn’t say 1und1 but 1&1 which international.^^ And that company is at least active in Europe as far as I know^^

Either way, that forum should give you a hint or two.

Good luck - hope my warnings didn’t sound too unfriendly, but I am pretty nitpicking when it comes to server related topics.

So which OS security did you experienced?

Oh! Does it mean you’re experienced with Windows security?

If you believe Linux/Unix security resemble Windows, you’re certainly still missing some concepts. In that case I also second this advice:

I assume you have a Windows computer “mit allem Schnickschnack”. I would suggest you to install Linux in VirtualBox or another VM. For the purpose of learning, it’s just as good. And you won’t put yourself or others in trouble. Also try not to approach Linux with Windows logic, and about german providers read the CT’ more regularly (and maybe more attentively).

Have fun though! :wink: