bash: make: command not found in OpenSuse 11

Hallo, today delete OpenSuse 10.3 from my computer to install OpenSuse 11 but i have a hp printer laserjet 1018, the right driver is foo2zjs and to install i need go in to the shell and digit make in to the folder, with 10.3 all o.k. but with opensuse 11 i have this problem:

linux… # cd foo2zjs
linux…/foo2zjs # make
bash: make: command not found

help me please

BTW you have posted in the wrong forum, OBS is not concerned with users building packages on their own machines, but the caption for this forum could be misinterpreted.

You have to install the make package. You’re probably missing some other packages too, but see what happens next.

I agree. Opensuse 11 does not install the development packages by default. Goto yast> package management and look for at least make and look gcc . Some other dependencies will be selected. Accept all and install.