bash - kde - how to zip file

Without looking through pages of source code, can someone give me the bash commands to zip a folder with structure, but not creating a double layer zip file?
KDE can do this. How does it work?

tar -caf "/var/log/VirusVault/VirusFound_${Current_Date}.tar.gz" -C "/var/log/VirusVault" "VirusFound_${Current_Date}" --remove-files

This creates a single level compressed. I need it to keep this structure.

click on the folder, top level: VirusFound

# ls -R VirusFound
linux_Y2021.M05.D02.H09.M28.S14.1620016094  linux_Y2021.M06.D15.H09.M24.S57.1623817497  linux_Y2022.M01.D30.H11.M17.S25.1643613445  mswin_Y2021.M04.D27.H01.M06.S06.1619510766

ResHacker.exe  scanresults.log


pip-20.2.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl  scanresults.log  t32.exe  t64.exe  w32.exe  w64.exe

MSOSYNC.EXE  ONENOTEM.EXE  scanresults.log

Believe it or not, the KDE archiving tool – Ark – can be run from the command line.

  • And, it even has a man page – as well as the “ark --help” CLI … >:)

‘scanvirus’ is designed to have only 2 dependencies.

This ‘ark’ can be used across linux destros? It can’t be KDE specific. In that case, I need the bash command that will emulate it.

Have a look yourself how many distributions provide ark:

Thanks, scanvirus is meant not to have any GUI. This will do fine for scanvirus-gui.

ark -f Ginnys_House

How do I get it to fill in the destination filename in the GUI? For that matter, use the command without using the GUI (directly to the command line)