Banshee 1.6 on openSuse 11.2

Will there may an upgrade to Banshee 1.6 in the main openSuse 11.2 repositories at some point or will the only way to upgrade to this version is to install from the Banshee repository?

I had a look at installing from the Banshee repository but it doesn’t seem very clean as you get a lot of prompts about whether to break dependencies or perform another action instead.

I do not know the answer to updating the repositories, but it is not problem getting the latest version from the Banshee repository.


However, the other options provided are not a problem. Basically, you ALLOW a vendor change, ALLOW files to be Deleted/Uninstalled when required and never DOWNGRADE to an INFERIOR program.

Look at your installation options, they fall into the categories I mention above.

Also, you could just install the GNOME desktop which will load everything you need to get Banshee up and running, if you have not already done so.

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Thanks for the info, I found the easiest way was just to uninstall the Banshee 1.5 packages first and then install Banshee 1.6. Everything is working fine and I’m enjoying the new functionality.

I allowed it to upgrade from the Banshee repo, opting for a vendor change in all cases, and it broke. Any thoughts? .avi movies no longer playback. So as the poster above suggested, I removed it completely and reinstalled. Install was met by success, but banshee does not appear on the menu, or in Alacarte, nor does “which banshee” reveal anything. I’m enjoying Opensuse but it seems a bit…delicate.

Well, so I checked out my version of Banshee and it reports 1.6.1-8.3 downloaded from:

Index of /repositories/Banshee/openSUSE_11.2

I am using the 64 bit version and there seems to be 12 files that all come up when you search for Banshee. I have loaded Gnome as well, which is where most of the support comes from for Banshee, even though I use KDE all of the time. Perhaps you could do a search in Software Management and see how many files and the exact version you have loaded. In Software Management when I use the Version tab, I see that the place the files comes from is stated as being:


So, check your exact Banshee version and repository, let me know if you use 32 or 64 bit and if you have also installed the gnome desktop.

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Ok, so part of my issue was that I did NOT install the client, which I didn’t expect to be packaged separately. I had 1.6 working again, but still crashing while attempting to play .avi movies. I am using the 64 bit version, via the 1-Click install button on the Banshee site.


I would like to say that while I did get Banshee to play music files without loading gnome, I did have issues where it might work one day and not the next after an update. All of that went away when I installed the gnome desktop, which I do not use and which does not take up all that must room. SO, you might consider doing that which could make your video work properly as well.

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I am using Gnome. No go. videos crash 1.6. Did you reload restricted formats after Banshee 1.6 by chance?