Bad Installation

I installed openSUSE 11 once before with no problems. Recently tough, I can’t get a good install. My disk checks out and I can install all the way. When I am in the newly installed distro, however, it is weird. I try to install ndiswrapper and it looks like it works just fine. When I go to run it from the terminal it doesn’t recognize it but when i type whereis ndiswrapper it finds in where it should be.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem?

Hi, welcome to the Forums.
What do you mean by “and it looks like it works just fine”.
And also what does this mean: “When I go to run (ndiswrapper) from the terminal it doesn’t recognize it”?

Everything seems to work and the installation completes successfully. I can reboot and get into openSUSE and Vista, etc. But when I go to install something, I start getting problems. This doesn’t just happen with ndiswrapper, but make also.

I open yast, type my admin password, and go to software management. I check ‘install’ for ndiswrapper and the -default and they install without a problem. Then, when I go to where they should be (whereis ndiswrapper gives me two locations) there is nothing in the folders. Typing ndiswrapper in console gives me a ‘not recognized’. This also happens with ‘make’.

OK let’s check what’s installed. Please open a terminal/console and enter these two commands and use copy/paste to return the whole dialogue (that you had in the console) to a reply in this thread:

uname  -r
rpm -qa | grep ndiswrapper

The second command might take 10 seconds to complete, wait for the prompt.