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I’m pretty new at openSuse, so I wonder is there possibility that all users sets be reseted on default just using Terminal. Under users sets I mean on theme, wallpaper, icons, language bar…

If it is possible I would be glad to know how

I am waiting for your response.
Thank you.

Move the desktop files is probably the easiest but will reset all like bookmarks, contacts, saved mail maybe etc…

For example if KDE

mv ~/.kde ~/.kde-bak

Bonus of mv over rm is you can go back through it and take bits back if needed or be reversed. Then relog in. I guess the same for gnome find the hidden gnome folder at users home.

Strange place for this post suspect applications would of been better suited.

I’m sensing you want to lock down your user environment… :slight_smile:
There are a couple of tools for this, kiosk is one of the best known (KDE only). Pessulus and PolicyKit are tools that can be used for GNOME.

Have a read here for some ideas : :: Lock down the GNOME desktop with Pessulus
KDE System Administration - KDE TechBase