[B]Not able to run the LIVE CD[/B]

I burned Open Suse Live edu life 11.2 in a DVD. I am trying to run the live cd mode in a machine having opensuse 11.1 ver.When one clicks the opensuse edu life, it loads the linux kernel. After that the “Please wait…” option comes and stays.

What is the cause of this problem. Is it with improper way of burning the DVD or the OS version. Please help

Boot from the DVD, start the LiveCD mode.

If it hangs during startup, the first thing coming to mind is a corrupted DVD, either by burning or by download. Did you check the downloaded ISO for it’s md5sum?

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Thank you for the reply. How should I check the md5sum and what conclusions can be drawn from it?

In fact now I remember that, while I was trying to write the DVD, a message came like **“The entered block size does not correspond to the image length. The block size may be wrong. Do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem”
I ignored it. Can this be the problem :X