avidemux subtitles problem

I am having a problem when converting a mp4 file to avi and adding permanent subtitles from a srt file, the subtitles are out of sync and overlapping one over another, the next subtitle appear over the others.

if I play the movie with vlc the subtitles appear fine, if I convert the the mp4 file to xvid+mp3 avi with another program in windows the final result is fine, the problem is with avidemux, the audio and video are ok, the problem is just with the subtitle, the version of avidemux is 2.6.12.


Ok, it seems that the implementation in avidemux for converting srt to ass subtitles before applying the filter has problems, finally I had to convert the subtitles with an additional step using

ffmpeg -i subt01.srt subt01.ass

to be able to add the permanent subtitles to the avi files, else the program crashes or the results are unaceptables with subs out of sync and overlapping one over another.


In the above image you can see that I first inspected the mkv file to then extract the subtitle that I needed but in srt format, so I had to convert it to ass, otherwise avidemux crashed or the subs were out of sync and overlaped.



Check the image above, this is where I had problems because I was using srt subtitles, so I had to convert them to ass to be able to use them, using the automatic convertion in avidemux didn’t work.