Avidemux Dependency Problem

I have been trying to install Avidemux on OS 11. I am having a dependency problem in that “nothing provides libx264.so.66 needed by avidemux-2.4.4-0.pm.1.i586” I tried to install libx264 through packman and managed to get libx264-57,-60,-65,-67,-72 and -75 + devel, but no -66. I have tried to find an rpm for 66 with no luck. Any ideas, tips, solutions?

:)Try installing avidemux24 from packman and it should be ok

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I think you will find libx264.so.66 has been removed from Packman, I noticed it recently as an orphaned package in my system. Hang on I’ll check my log:

I had this happen:

2009-10-04 10:28:26|remove |libx264-66|0.0svn20090921-0.pm.1.1|i586|root@suse-kernelcruncher
2009-10-04 10:28:27|remove |libx264-76|0.0svn20090923-0.pm.2.1|i586|root@suse-kernelcruncher

2009-10-04 10:29:22|install|libx264-67|0.0svn20090922-0.pm.1.1|i586|root@suse-kernelcruncher|packman_1|fc3c7222a2620f4e1a904b03472d045fde8481b5

2009-10-04 10:29:24|install|libx264-72|0.0svn20090922-0.pm.1.1|i586|root@suse-kernelcruncher|packman_1|3ff51b45c1e70a0ef45adf9e400ae78efdfc30fc

Try giving Packman a higher priority than all other repo’s and do unconditional update in there.
Look for orphaned packages too afterward. The will be Red and with no provider.

:slight_smile: According to the packager at Packman the old version has been replaced by tne new version avidemux24 and the libx264.so.66 is obsolete. I installed the new version and it works perfectly.

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