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Hi Multimedia guru’s;

I have this Panasonic Camcorder connected analog thru a Pinnacle Systems Video Studio device. Avid, the maker of the device supplies a windows application Studio 11 Pro. I created a Linux installation training video and successfully exported it VHS Tape, and DVD which plays fine on my dvd player.

  1. The video transfer device is recognized by Linux but without a lot of reverse engineering will not work with Linux.

  2. Studio 11 produced a whole bunch of avi wav and other files on my harddrive which windows will play one at a time but not as the whole video but that is not an issue because my objective is to play the video back through Linux for 1 thing, and put it online for another thing.

  3. In Linux, the avi files will not play with kaffiene of 11.2 32bit, so I tried to install the codecs it was asking for and after it just crashes this time with no errors. I searched and found kaffiene website and installed kaffiene/KDE3 which also just crashes without error.

  4. Followed instructions under multimedia -openSUSE to see if that would work and kaffiene just keep doing the same thing. Next I tried to play other avi files (not from Studio 11) and they worked so I’m thinking there is something special in the avi format that Studio 11 created.

  5. Next, I installed Handbrake which I understand is supposed to be able convert almost anything but have no idea how it should be used. I did try clicking on an avi as a source file and it reported successfully created/rendered video1.m4v but no idea where it put it. Then tried to open video_tc and it reported this is a 2 hour video which can’t be rendered while video1.m4v is in use.

  6. Picked up a sony handicam usb which apparently needs v4l to download and play in Linux from the device.

  7. Have a 250GB website where I was going to upload some training video’s but again have no idea what would be the best way/format to use.

  8. Studio 11 can supposedly upload the video to youtube but it doesn’t tell me if I need an account, what size of video can be uploaded, what format it needs.

So here I sit amidst the vapor having devices, programs, lots of potential for using but not enough info to make anything work.
a) do I scrap kaffiene, kaffiene/KDE, codecs, mplayer, Handbrake and start over?

What do you guys think

Did a little more checking with Handbrake and found where it put the video segment, here’s the laugh … I encoded a 4 second m4v that plays just a transition frame between two scenes hahaha jokes on me! Retried to encode the whole video and it stops at 17 minutes out of 2hours and the scenes aren’t in order when it plays back.

Does anyone know of a video rendering system for Linux where I can load all the scenes and audio tracks and put them into order? Then cut new video files such that the long movie is broken down into topics?

Can you provide a short sample of the output format that we can download and test, and thus come up with a good recommendation?

  1. I presume you want a video1.m4v file, or the scene00-00-01.avi file to check or am I missing the boat
  2. do you want me to put to my website and link here somehow, thing is I’m not sure how to do.

I’ve met this whole misery years ago, using some Pinnacle app. Since it was a deadlined job, I finished it on Windows. Afterwards I dug into video on linux, discovered Kino, which would talk with our cam fine. Used all kinds of apps to create DVD’s from the files. The material created on Windows, I don’t have it anymore, yet I remember they made kaffeine and Mplayer crash heavily.

Hey! thanks, had a look at the kino site and it’s almost the same as pinnacle’s studio 11 but uses firewire or file-direct input instead of usb-vcapture710 device or file-direct. have to check my handicam and see if it’s firewire or usb, and if kino can use usb 'cause my laptop has no firewire. but it’s a start.

I guess like Lee, I would like to get me paws on a copy or sample of the file.
I use opera accounts for files and now too Microsoft, but there is a limit to individual file sizes.

Yep just tried to upload one of the smaller files to my webspace/domain which is suppose to be unlimited
file size have 250GB space with 88MB in use and it wouldn’t take the 34MB avi video said loading for over
an hour then quit without transfer.

dropbox or spideroak?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Worst comes to worst you can use something like rapidshare and PM us with the access details.

OK I have installed dropbox, and did as it says drag-drop 2 files cdprint.avi & cdprint.m4v the first came from studio 11 and the other from Handbrake.
there are 2 folders in the dropbox public and photos right now the files are in the base folder should they be elsewhere? Also I asked for a 2GB dropbox but the bottom of dropbox says 35.8GB?? Now what do you and oldcpu need to access the files from me and must my PC be on for you to get the files???

No idea. Someone else suggested dropbox. I’ve never used it.

If the dropbox option is not showing in the context menu

Login here: https://www.dropbox.com/home
Go to the files in your public folder and you can share them from there easily

Done … and here’s the links
here is link to file 1 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10557159/cdprint.avi 337MB
here is link to file 2 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10557159/cdprint.m4v 61.77MB

Just add clarification relating to our PM’s techwiz03

I can play your files no problem in smplayer/vlc/gnome-mplayer

But kaffeine will only play the .mp4

This is on my _64 11.3 laptop

ok I have smplayer and yes it will play the avi from the pinnacle-studio-11, the avi from handshake the m4p from handshake
my kaffiene must be busted as it won’t play much of anything so i’ll just get rid of it for now
kino will allow me to edit the video’s avi dv-avi mp4 but generates huge resulting video’s (339MB avi is rendered in kino to produce 1.9GB avi

this is a start … being able to playback the video’s, being able edit/create new video’s

So now comes the questions

  1. what is the most efficient video format for small file size but fair to good playback on websites and youtube?
  2. what would be the best to use for making a DVD movie / DVD movie with menu’s?

and by the way thanks

When I look at the content of this file, I note MPEG-4, with mp42 codec @ 793 kbps bit rate written with handbrake rev 2965-2010031899. Further indications of an avc1 code ID @ 69 kpbs (29.97 fps). Audio is 2-channel AAC version4 @ 48.0 KHz sampling rate.

I can play this file with smplayer and vlc, but not xine. Both vlc and smplayer spit out a bunch of warnings about the file being in a bad format. For example, vlc notes “blending YUVA to J422 failed” which means nothing to me except that the encoding was done poorly.

That suggests to me your handbrake settings were wrong ? I never use handbrake, so I can not comment much on that. But there are many other applications one can use if one can not figure out how to properly tune handbrake.

When I run mediainfo on this I note MJPEG @ 29.97 fps (Codec ID = MJPG) @ 4334 Kbps bit rate. Audio is PCM Little Endiannes ? (reference to Microsoft Codec ID/Hint) @ 48.0 Khz.

I note this file I can play with kaffeine/xine, vlc, mplayer, all with no problem. I can also process it with no problem with the application tovid. avidmux had a problem with it after about 13 seconds, but that may have been my avidemux settings, as I need to rush to work and could not optimise. I suspect microchip’s xvidenc, h264enc, divxenc would handle it with no problems. I did not try winff against it, but it may also work (although one needs to wait some time for winff to be available for openSUSE-11.3).

I don’t think it your kaffeine. I think it your handbrake output format. Both smplayer and vlc spit out errors, although they could play it.

Reference content, if you are doing training videos, you may find a screen capture program such as xvidcap of interest.

@oldcpu is the man to give help here.

In the past I used avidemux

But I’m sure Lee will suggest kdenlive? Maybe…

@oldcpu - Not surprised with there being encoding and setting problems, I quite expected that. My closer look at the video compared to the actual dvd I made has determined that playback is about 25% of the quality of the DVD version and the whole scene section between composing the dvd artwork and the final view showing the completed DVD’s is plain gone! Studio 11 must have done some inline inclusion thingy during it’s export.

Basically, this was my first attempt to create a howto video. Filmed on an analog camera, copied through pinnacle capture device directly into studio 11 under windose and flashed out onto DVD. Had only experience of this video with studio 11 learn as i go. The cdprint was one of 20 chapters.
Anyways, thankyou for your time and input on this, it’s gonna take me a bit to absorb and refine what app will best, what settings are best, and much more.