AVG AntiVirus Problem

Hi, I downloaded the rpm file of AVG Antivirus and installed it on my system,but now I don know how can I run that!:shame:
I tried Krunner and searching in Menu, but I cant find any executable thing!
Please Help:\

Open software management and look for this antivirus, when you find it, highlight it and down in the tabs change to file list, it should show you executable files.

P.S. Why the hell would you need an antivirus on openSUSE?? Do you need to scan some files for your friends in order not to infect them while you are perfectly safe?lol! ??

All the antiviruses deal only (for now;)? ) with Windows viruses since most linux viruses exist only in labs or have been eradicated with fixes to kernel etc. :slight_smile:

I think the new avg 8.5 is only commandline in Linux -> Tuxradar

Probably the reason it scored 3/10 rotfl!

Don’t use a virus scanner… probably should… :wink:

I don’t understand, why people don’t want to understand the philosophy of Linux.

Which is :)??

Which is: Use M$ :X

Or: Do i need many penguins to clean the windows :wink: ?

Is it going to be soapbox thread?

Why not come to the point and say it in simple words:
@sina: As if i remember correctly like your root login thread, where every one was saying “Why you need to login as root?”.

We can’t type DON’T USE IT as in some time linux will also need an antivirus :slight_smile:

Then its my bad to use that words.
Anyway, if you are in that love of antivirus. Then IMHO, can use klamav.
Hope, i didn’t use words, which should not be used in Linux.

Thanx for the answers.

@mmarif4u & other dear friends:
Please look at my signature, it says اوپن سوزی پارسی](http://openSUSE.ir/) . I’m one of the users of انجمن های گفتگوی اوپن سوزی پارسی - فهرست](http://forum.opensuse.ir/) ; the Persian support forum of the openSUSE. These questions, like AVG Antivirus on openSUSE or AutoLogin for root user, are users question that no one cant answer theme in our forum (because our forum is aged only 1 month lol!), and finally I ask them here and I post the right answer at انجمن های گفتگوی اوپن سوزی پارسی - فهرست](http://forum.openSUSE.ir/) rotfl!
I know some of these questions are stupid, but in انجمن های گفتگوی اوپن سوزی پارسی - فهرست](http://forum.openSUSE.ir/) I cant tell the users: DO NOT USE IT! or DO NOT ASK THAT STUPID ONE!:X
They want their answers, although the question was stupid!
Thanx for the answers :wink:

So you are running a Persian(Iran) site for openSUSE, thats great. Just curious, Are you a noob to Linux. some of the basic things which Linux is built on is, to make it more secure, to not open it to the outer world(i mean virus). These are the basics of Linux. I was in the same situation when was noob. But b4 jumping to this world, i did some research. And that helped me a lot.

> Please look at my signature…I’m one of the users of the Persian
> support forum

we are not allowed to make political posts here, so i will not!

i will however say that i hope to do everything possible to help you
and your countrymen use FREE and OPEN source software to its fullest

> These questions, like AVG Antivirus on openSUSE

ok…here it is as short as i can make it:

  • most people in the world use Microsoft Windows

  • over 99% of ALL currently know virus, worms, malware, key loggers,
    and similar threats are written specifically to attack MS products and

  • there are currently NO known virus, worms etc targeted against
    Linux, outside the laboratory…

  • the anti-virus programs which do run on Linux are only useful in
    helping MS users by stripping out a virus from (say) an email that you
    forward to them…which might contain a virus which has absolutely
    NO affect on your system, but might infect his/hers…in MY opinion,
    it is the MS user’s responsibility to protect THEIR own system and i
    don’t wanna use my cpu cycles to help them continue to use an
    inherently insecure operating system…

  • the basic, default install of openSUSE and its default firewall is
    MORE secure than any XP or Vista which has been fortified with
    external firewalls or constantly updating anti-virus programs.

  • HOWEVER: one of the reasons that is a FACT is that unlike Windows,
    even if something does get in, it will only have USER powers…that
    is, it can ONLY upset those things that the USER has control
    of…like, even if there WERE a worm, and it got into your account it
    still could not ‘infect’ your entire machine and take it over…why?
    because you, as a user can NOT make changes to the system…only ROOT
    can do that…

  • on the other hand: if you “AutoLogin for root user” and go off
    surfing as root you have opened your door wide for damage because
    anything that might come in would immediately have full access to
    all parts of your system…

  • for those reasons you MUST use a strong password for root, and
    NEVER ever do more than is absolutely required as root…in terms of
    security, the infrequent delay needed to enter a root password is a
    very SMALL price to pay to automatically have better security than a
    externally fortified MS machine…

  • there ARE root kits <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_kit> and
    other threats which must be guarded against, but NONE of the
    anti-virus programs which run on Linux helps there, at all…instead
    use rkhunter, tripwire, appArmor and/or other means to protect EACH

note: it has been said that there are many governments on earth that
have the technical ability to crack any computer system or
network…therefore, never assume anything you do on the internet is
truly private…whether you are using Vista or the most secure Linux
you can build…

investigate all forms of encryption available…

> I know some of these questions are stupid

NO questions are stupid…especially not when FREE and OPEN source
software is concerned… :wink:

> I cant tell the users: DO NOT USE IT! or DO NOT ASK THAT STUPID
> ONE!:X They want their answers, although the question was stupid!

i understand…unfortunately all the answers have been given before
and in some cases ‘we’ just wanna say: “Trust me, do not do that.”

i HOPE my briefly expanded answers are what you need to convince all
on the .ir forum to

  1. NOT log into the GUI as root, instead always log in as the user and
    “become root” as needed using the guidelines in
    http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Login_as_root (do you have translators?)

  2. not use a lot of time worrying with installing anti-virus programs
    of NO use in protecting a default installed openSUSE; and only
    marginally useful in helping MS users protect themselves–and,
    INSTEAD use that time learning how to protect yourselves from root
    kits and any other exploit that government level hackers might want to
    point at you…AND converting friends to Linux so that they no longer
    use VERY insecure MS products…

oh, and thank you for your efforts in promoting FREE and OPEN in Persia…

Give a hacker a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach man and you feed him for a lifetime.

@ mmarif4u:
No, I’m not nob. When somebody asked how to auto login with root or using an Antivirus, we explain him the philosophy of linux and why it is not all open like Windows, but he wants her answer! Question is question, stupidly or wisely, It must be answered. That’s why I asked this stupid questions!:stuck_out_tongue:
First Linux distro that I used was RedHat 7 rotfl! So many years ago, so I’m not nob :wink:

@ goldie:
Thank you for the answers. I told them the use of Antivirus is useless and explained the reason. And I told them how terrible can be to auto login with root. But I think question is question, stupidly or wisely, It must be answered.
Thank dear mmarif4u and dear goldie for the answers.
In Iran there are many communities for Linux local supporting, like <opensuse.ir> , <ubuntu.ir> and <forum.fedoraproject.ir>.
We have a very powerful linux, designed in Iran, named Parsix <parsix.ir> too.
Hope to all be open mind, open source :slight_smile: