Autoyast installation fails with KDE packages and patterns

Hi everyone,

I’m running an autoyast unattended installation of Tumbleweed off a USB drive and if I add all the packages, patterns and services needed for fully usable install with KDE, the second stage of the installation gets stuck at a black screen with a mouse cursor, needing a power reboot after wich the same thing shows up resulting in a borked installation.

However, if I remove the KDE, office and multiemdia related creature comforts from the autoinst.xml, for a bare bones command line installation, then the second stage and installation work flawlessly.
I’m attaching the differences between the two autoinst.xml installations.

Does anyone know what the issue is with the full on installation?](

The AutoYaST documentation

Re your problem,
And partly because you didn’t seem to post your entire autoyast configuration,
In the above guide, it is emphatic about requirements to run the second stage, including the packages


And further down the documentation, verify the second stage is enabled (although the default is to be enabled)