Autostart problem (KDE).

Hi! :slight_smile:

My system is Open SUSE 13.2 x64 KDE.
I used to have (at previous OpenSUSE version) an autostart script for launching (at KDE start) Ksysguard minimized in tray, so I copied it at my home directory, I marked it as executable and I added it to Autostart (Configure Desktop -> Startup and Shutdown -> Add Script).
I have named it and is an one line only:

ksystraycmd --hidden ksysguard

The problem is, that the --hidden option, doesn’t seems to work and it opens normally and without the tray icon.

I can launch the program manually and I already have the “Place in system tray” option activated (with KDE Menu Editor, right clicking at K menu button → Edit Applications → “Advanced” tab).
Note that giving at Konsole

ksystraycmd --hidden ksysguard

, works as expected.
Only the autostart, is problematic.
Placing the script at ~/.kde4/Autostart directory (and bypassing the Configure Desktop GUI), giving the same problematic results as the above.

Is it a bug? Used to work well at 13.1.
**TIA! ** :slight_smile: