Autostart. A curious thing

Some months ago I decided to launch automatically Konqueror everytime kde starts up. I did it through System settings -> Startup and shutdown -> Autostart.
Now I don’t want it to autostart anymore.
But konqueror is neither in System settings -> Startup and shutdown -> Autostart; nor in ~/.kde4/autostart; nor in ~/.kde4/share/autostart.
Nevertheless it starts automatically at login.

Any idea about how to disable this?

Are you sur Konqui is not running when you log out? Else, on login, the session will be restored and Konqui started.

hcvv has a valid item to check in KDE’s Personnel Settings / Advanced Tab / Advanced User Settings / Sessions Manager / On Logon Section / Start with an Empty Session Bullet.

Thank You,

In Personal settings -> Startup and shutdown -> Session Management the option Start with an empty session is selected. It was like that before (I forgot to include this information in my first post).
Anyway, konqueror starts everytime I log in, no matter if it was running when I logged out or not.
Obviously it is not more than a strange thing, but it’s in fact very curious, isn’t it?

Finally I found it. It was in ~/.config/autostart

Handy… I have a program that pops up automatically after the first time I started it (remote desktop hosting) and I can’t get it to NOT pop up the invitation dialog box every time I boot up.

Have you checked all those folders in which autostart programs can be?
Now I know at least three in kde: ~/.kde4/autostart ~/.kde4/share/autostart ~/.config/autostart
apart from /usr/share/autostart
But autostart could be enabled in some setting of the program itself? For instance, kalarm settings have that option