Automount NTFS Partition on Boot

As the title says really - I have a HDD for storing file with no OS installed on it and it’s formatted using NTFS. I can manually mount it when I see it in a Dolphin window but I have to enter my password every time.

Is there a way to get this drive to mount automatically everytime I boot up?

Add it to /etc/fstab. You can do that graphically in yast-partitioner

As gogalthorp said, you can achieve that by directly editing your /etc/fstab as root. However, if you aren’t familiar enough with this approach, you may follow the idea of these screenshots. The filesystem type (NTFS) doesn’t matter in this particular case, all you need to do is tell the operating system where would you like it to be mounted. On the third screenshot, I have opened the fstab options dialog, so you can see that “mountable by user” is also checked, this will give you rights over the partition.](](](

Thanks for the replies guys - I was aware it could be done in the cli but was hoping for something a bit more graphical. Still trying to find my way around YaST…:stuck_out_tongue: