Automatic BIOS update

I would like to share with you a very nice experience today, which I thought would never be available for Linux users. At least in my case, I have not encountered it in my years of using Linux.
Two months ago I bought a new HP ZBook Firefly 16 inch G10 Mobile Workstation. That model was even offered in a configuration without an operating system, which I of course took advantage of.
I happily use the notebook with openSUSE Leap 15.5 with KDE desktop environment. For installation and uninstallation I use YaST software manager in most cases.
But today I accidentally started Discover software manager and between updates I was automatically offered an update for the BIOS from HP. All I had to do was click the update button.

Thank you very much. Hats off.


Yes, I have updated the BIOS using Discover. This is much easier than the old way of updating.

I still have my previous computer around, but I cannot update its BIOS this new way.

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