automate repetitive typing tool?


I am a newbie trying my hands on Suse 11.1.I am just a beginner and have used windows in past.

I am loving Suse so far and trying to get adjusted with new system.

I am trying to find a application which is described

My question is can I use this package on suse? or is there similar application for Suse?

I tried searching on webpin but could not find it.

Thanks in advance for all your replies



I am a new user and know elementary level of unix so please excuse if my question is in appropriate

It isn’t packaged for openSUSE but you can download it from Snippits as a KDE app. You will also have to install various Ruby programs.

I suspect, as the date given is 2007, that it hasn’t really taken off and been developed.

Never having used it, I am not sure whether having text completion enabled in OpenOffice and other Linux programs has meant people have found less use for it than have Windows users.


Thanks for your reply. I will give it a try.

I am surprised to see very less programs similar to one I mentioned. I use Shortkey on windows and comes very handy as I have keys for my address, email, telephone etc which you need quite often.

If you are using KDE try Configure Desktop>Input actions.

Under Examples, you will find something similar to what you are describing.

Thanks once again John

I use Gnome :frowning:
Any idea about similar possibilities on Gnome?