auto resize window when moved to the sides (KDE)

Hi all. I used linux for a long time now, mostly ubuntu-based distros but these days I decided to try openSUSE. Must say, It is a really nice distro, with lots of new features. There is one that I never seen before but I admit it is very useful: the auto resize window feature. I use the 11.3 (KDE) (milestone 4) version. Just wanted to ask if this is a package for ths or is hard-coded into the system? And is it KDE-specific?

Eagerly awaiting for your answer,

You mean, if we move a window to left/right sides it will occupy half screen and if at the top side, it will max/min the window? if yes…
AFAIK it is KDE specific and available since KDE4.4.0.

Thanks a lot!