auto login to white screen & run level 3 problem

Main problem: newly installed Suse 11.2/Gnome from DVD i586 goes to white screen after auto login. I re-installed once with same results. I have limited understanding of linux.

System: Biostar M7NCD Ultra mainboard with NForce Ultra 400 chipset,
AMD Barton 2500 (overclocked), GForce FX5200 NVIDEA video.

FYI: I used this exact video card on an older mainboard and ran linux with it no problem and all hardware checks out okay when I drop in a HD with XPpro on it, which makes this a linux software problem by my reckoning - video setup most likely. I can boot to the green Startup Options screen and then my ignorance starts to show.

I wanted to boot to level 3 then try some things (init 3, sax2 -r) I’ve read about on this forum and from www search but I’m password blocked in level 3!? Install only asked me for one password and it doesn’t work here.

How do I deal with the level 3 password issue? Any suggestions on the white screen problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hello sbeyerkc,

I think this could be a corrupted iso file.
Did you check the MD5sum of the iso file?

And did you also checked this:

Best of luck!:wink:

Problem resolved. Wish I could claim “ignorance” but the better term would be stupidity.

At the green Startup Options screen, with openSuse 11.2 highlighted I typed 3 in the boot options. This took me to a command prompt that read Linux-fqd4 Login:. I (incorrectly) typed init 3 and was asked for a password. My password didn’t work then. (I guess I thought I was already logged in.) The correct thing was to type my login name (duh) then when prompted, my password. Once logged in to run level 3 I was able to fixe the white screen problem as follows:

linux-fqd4 login: my user name
password: my password
password: my password
linux-fqd4:/home/scott #: sax2 -r
… this launched SaX2 which let me select screen resolution. I tested, tweaked, saved and exited back to a command prompt.
linux-fqd4:/home/scott #: init 5
and my linux desktop was born.

Hope this helps somebody.

Just for your information sex2 is not supported in 11.3 onward. No one wanted to support it and had gotten complicated and does not work well with the new graphic ways being introduced.