Auto distribution upgrade???

Some Distro’s will automatically tell the user that a new distribution is available, and present a GUI to start the process. Ubuntu, for example, will do this 30 days after a new release; or after a point release for long-term releases.

To what extent does Leap do this? When will 15.1 or 15.2 say: “a new version is available, click here to begin the update” if ever?


openSUSE does not have that feature.

You can look here Lifetime - openSUSE Wiki and follow the forums (where people will report problems during Beta testing.

And TW just keeps rolling along.:wink:

Funny, but does it? I didn’t think a Tumbleweed DUP could be automated either?

Depends on what you want. You can of course start a zypper dup every five minutes using crontab. :wink:

But I would not advise, As Tumbleweed snapshots often have hundreds or even thousand of packages, including things like the kernel or systemd, I assume most system managers will not like to have those running at moments their users are doing real work with the system.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s not the group of users I’m trying to help. I like TW and use it on all my stuff, but the non-tech folks need to be told “It’s time to upgrade, click here.” Until another easy solution comes along, I’ll have to keep putting them on Kubuntu LTS.:frowning:

Have you learned about openSUSE MicroOS Desktop?

I help non-tech folks with openSUSE maintenance since 2015. All of them were converted from Leap to Tumbleweed. They update their machines on a lazy schedule several times a year by running ‘zypper dist-upgrade’. No need for Kubuntu LTS.:wink:

So they are several months behind security fixes.

It can. PackageKit zypper backend does equivalent of “zypper dup” on Tumbleweed and standard desktop environments GUI frontends use it. I have KDE and GNOME VM with Tumbleweed and both show update notifications and perform updates.

It is possible that sometimes there is conflict that cannot be resolved automatically - then you need to manually use zypper that offers manual conflict resolution options. But at least you are aware that there are updates :slight_smile:

Yes. More on updates:

I use daily packagekit-background.timer with the mail notification option:

**erlangen:~ #** grep -v ^\# /etc/sysconfig/packagekit-background 
**erlangen:~ # **

That’s a very loooooggg story (or battle, if you prefer)…
The best think i can do is to point you to this multi-year-request hackweek: SUSE Hack Week: Easy openSUSE Upgrade

All in all, suse doesn’t seem very interested in it, so yes… it’s a bit frustrating!!!