Auto-Close topics defined

What is this? I have old topics I’ve gotten behind in reading. Does this mean I have to repost the topic, if it auto-closes? I don’t get this new policy.

How do you turn off auto-close topic? I may have to wait a while for over a month for responses and reply once a month to keep it active.

See the announcement here: Auto-Close and "Solved" Forum Changes - #10

30 days after the last response on a topic, it will be automatically closed by the system. This is applied only in the areas that provide support - the chat sections don’t have this enabled.

If you’re waiting more than 30 days for anyone to reply to a question, something’s wrong. You don’t “turn it off”, you just make sure that the topic is actively being replied to.

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@lord_valarian It doesn’t apply to Open Chat topics.



Yes, once a solution has been identified, that changes to 7 days. That gives the original poster in the discussion some time to decide that the solution didn’t work and to unflag the solution, which should reset it to the 30 day timer.

Then may be the text should read “this topic was automatically closed 7 days after the solution has been provided”.

I will see if that text can be specifically changed - I don’t think it can (as the text is tied to the timer, not to the reason why it was closed). But if it can be changed, I’ll take that suggestion under advisement - thanks.

ETA: Just checked, and it’s the same message - the solved plugin just changes the timer, so we can’t have a different message. I’ll update the announcement to differentiate between the two auto-close times so it’s documented somewhere.

ETA #2: It was already in the announcement, under the details. :slight_smile:

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