my uncle use a laptop with windows for their work…

he connect to a domain or to the local machine…

he would like to use linux

during the installation what he need to choose to store the password… local or something else?


Depends on what policies are implemented at work.

Regardless whether there is a technical restriction, it’s probably a good idea to tell the SysAdmins at work your intention to deploy a Host they haven’t setup or managed. If they don’t have a problem and give you the go-ahead, then proceed. If they tell you don’t, then stop immediately.

If they don’t mind your deploying your own OS/machine, then the next question would be what security restrictions they want to implement… You’re joining <their> network so you ought to follow their rules. It’s at that point they will tell you whether they require everyone to logon to a company-wide Domain or people can logon locally… And what would be required to access various network resources including network shares, intranet server applications, the Internet.

people can logon locally and to the network

Well, your network admin might have a /little\ problem with you wanting to join a linux box to his domain.
We could tell you the settings but getting the access is a little more in depth than a forum question…

talk to the network admin at the company, see what he says. Either way he’ll make or break you and or your uncles job.

in regards to your question. I would just setup linux normally. Secure. And plug into the dhcp network and cruise along. **** it. :slight_smile:

and to access network drive what i will need to use?