Audio problems after upgrading Bluez to 5.65

Hi there,

Last week I did a big dist-update, and after that, my bluetooth headphone lost the High Fidelity profile. All I can set now is the Handsfree one which has poor audio quality.

All changes I could track led to Bluez 5.65.

Is it related? Should I downgrade? How can I quickly fix the audio stream?

Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
I’m on GNOME with pure pipewire and have no issues with bluetooth (5.65-1.1) sound either HF Playback A2DP Sink, codec SBC-XQ or SBC.

Can you create a test user and log in and see if it works with the test user? Also what desktop environment in use?

Here running bluez 5.65-1.1 on Tumbleweed with default PulseAudio config and A2DP audio works fine.

Hey malcolmlewis, thanks for the quick reply.

I managed to create another user but the same problem ocurrs, the bluetooth device do not get recognized as an audio ouput at first, so I have to reconnect but the profile sets to Handsfree and there is no other option to choose.

Im on plasma.


I managed to have A2DP Sink by doing:

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

every time the system boots.

Anyway I`m still looking for a better fix.

Go to yast2-service manager and see the status of
bluetooth and bluetooth-mesh
Mine here start at “boot”

So, after a new recent update, everything is working fine now, even better than ever.