Audio CDs not recognized

I set up a computer with 64 bit OpenSUSE for my dad to use. Most of the setup I did was to make it perform as a webserver and ftp server. Then I left for college.

My dad uses it just as his personal computer while it acts as a server in the background. He discovered the other day that when he puts an audio cd in, it doesn’t recognize it at all. Is this a known problem with 64 bit openSUSE? Is this something I can fix?

My dad doesnt know much about linux, except how to use it as if it were windows. But I can ssh into it from here at college and perhaps fix whatever’s wrong. The problem’s that I have no idea what that problem is. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

If you have installed 11.1 there’s been a need to place the cdrom & the disk into the user group through Yast>Security and Users>User and Group Management.

I sent this reply to my dad and here’s what he said:

I found Yast>Security and Users>User and Group Management. That’s something I can click on and it brings up a window. It has 4 tab choices: Users, Groups, Defaults for new users, and Authentication settings. The Group heading seemed most likely. That has one entry in its table: Group name–users; Group ID–100, Group members–dan, games. You can click Add and it brings up a window asking for those 3 bits of info along with a password.

So…how should he add the cdrom and disk to that, and where should he add it?

You are almost there, in “user and group admin” select your own user id an double click on it.
This will bring up a new window. In this window goto the tab details and check mark the groups “cdrom” and “disk” (on the right hand side). Pres OK and Press OK again.

It should work now;-)

However I have the same problem but are not using local users but NIS users (I have a network of several computers and do user management with NIS).
The disk and cdrom groups are system groups. How can I make NIS users part of (local) system groups … anybody any hint/tip/idea??