Audio amplifier

KDE - My on board sound card delivers too low an output signal for my headphones. I use pulseaudio, and even if I turn it up to the maximum (+11 db) it’s not enough for some sources. Is there a simple software amplifier I can install? I looked at guitarix, but it seems overly complex and runs on jack.

Thanks in advance.

Some of these applications have built equalizers that produce excellent sound.

Amarok, smplayer, just a few to mention, check to see if your app has one.

remember the Pulseaudio system wide EQ, wonder what happened to that project, that would be the perfect sound enhancement

Just went into multimedia, had music playing, was able to increase output on the fly pass 100%, it did well.

This may be a plus, curious about Pulseaudio system wide EQ, decided to be a test animal.


sudo zypper in pulseaudio-equalizer

Installed fine with it’s dependent files, a dozen or so,.found it in multimedia menu> enabled it>tested, preferred it in multimedia settings, configuring the audio selection was the icing on cake.

I hear low static wile sliding volume configuring audio, I have Tumbleweed latest and greatest everything Phonon & GStreamer backendlol!

I use KMix for setting audio in Leap 42.1.
Default KDE audio management is not very usable for me.

Thanks for the response, but I am not looking for an equaliser, I need a “volume booster”.

Yes I have used the pulseaudio equaliser, but as I mentioned I need extra gain not frequency equalisation.

Thanks for the suggestion. When I start Kmix from KDE Menu>Multimedia>Kmix it begins to start and then immediately terminates. When I invoke it from a console it reports…

~> kmix
QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.
QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.

…and nothing displays.

I do not have this problem.
But I have also disapproved the former KDE panel sound volume in the settings of system panel.
So I have only KMix for adjusting of sound volume on desktop.

Ah yes, now I understand. It’s because when I try to remove the sound application from my panel (little loudspeaker icon) it tells me it IS Kmix. And of course it’s turned up to maximum already.

check levels in Yast and maybe also in Configure Desktop.

Did you try pavucontrol?

Yes to all of the above. The only reason I use pulseaudio is that I couldn’t get Skype to work properly otherwise. And in most cases output level is sufficient. Certainly enough to power my desktop speakers to high volume. And before anyone asks, yes I do have a headphone socket on the speakers and if I use it volume is adequate. But I have destroyed two previous speaker systems by continuous plugging and un-plugging headphones into that tiny socket which was not replaceable as the molded plastic cases would not come apart. Why not keep it plugged in? It cuts the sound to the speakers. Unfortunately the headphone/mic combinations I can afford never seem to quote S.P.L. per watt of input like loudspeakers do. I have tried several different brands.

Google searches indicate that volume boosting software is available for Windows so that is why I am asking my original question.

Boost is what an EQ does, Passing amplitude threshold, the frequency increases.

Besides that, if you’d study those images closer, was able to pass 100% VOLUME in volume settings, this offered significant boost.