Audacity Question

What is a good way to remove hum and turntable rumble when using Audacity? I can clean the pops and clicks without any problems but I don’t have this part mastered yet.


Have your worked through the Noise Removal techniques?

Have your worked through the Noise Removal and Reducing Noise techniques?

I don’t have any problems taking out clicks and pops but I will go through this settings again and see if I missed anything.

Well, because you mentioned “Hum” specifically, and part of the techinques I linked says:

*Electrical noise

60/50 Hz hum

  • A common problem. Make sure all your recording equipment is connected to the same ground. This is easiest to accomplish by plugging everything into the same power strip.
  • If all else fails, get rid of the hum during post-production by using a de-noise plugin or an extremely narrow notch filter.
  • Try to use incandescent light bulbs (including halogen lamps); avoid using fluorescent lamps near a signal path (cables and equipment), especially for low-power signal lines such as microphone cables. Fluorescent lamps often generate a significant amount of high-frequency RF noise, which may then be captured by the cable or the equipment. Lamps on the ceiling do not usually induce buzzes (because they are far away), but if used in a group of 4 or more, they may introduce buzzes into the power line, which may affect other equipment on the same power circuit. Power conditioners may be used to alleviate this problem.

The only method I’m aware of is for you to use the “silence” between the tracks as a recorded sample and use this sample for Noise Reduction. You’ll have to experiment… removing noise like this can cause “blurbly” results if used too aggressively.