Audacity doesn't start


I installed Audacity from opensuse repo, flatpak and downloading the appImage from its website. All of them failed with the error message

The Audacity IPC server failed to initialize. This is likely due to a resource shortage and a reboot may be required.

I tried the flatpak version on Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 with not issues. So, the issue is from openSuse. Also, my laptop has 32GB RAM and 750GB free SSD with i7 cpu, OS openSuse TW KDE. I followed all the comments from this post:

But nothing works.

Any idea?

The problem is solved. I found that the problem was with yast hosname. I changed the hostname in yast and that caused audacity doesn’t start the IPC server, so I reverted to the default name “localhost” and problem solved. This problem doesn’t occur when the hostname is changed by the command line hostnamectl.