ATTN: re nomodeset usage
omit nomodeset from installation’s proposed bootloader cmdline

Bug owner has invited discussion. Please consider providing input.

What’s the ‘moderators vs.’ doing in the title?
Where’s the invitation to discussion?
Are you serious, asking us to read 479 K of logs?
Do you seriously think a bugreport like this is accepted? Even as a feature request?

1 I couldn’t think of any other way to collectively address all moderators primarily. If there’s a place for admin discussion here, I’m missing it, not that only mods would be interested, only that mods are among routine responders rather than those here only when in need of help.
2 In bug 1110041 comment 3
3 Reading y2logs would be an option, not a starting point, as in any B.O.O. report.
4 Of course, though not necessarily with high likelihood of success. That’s the point of acquiring discussion from those familiar with the subject matter.

Sorry, somehow the page did not load the lower part, could only see the attachment. My wrong.

Had a not-so-quick glance, and stopped where Stefan Dirsch states that he does not see any action to take. Since his expertise in dealing with X related issues outblows mine exponentially, I follow his advice.
Having more GRUB2 menu entries IMO is a no go. For exactly the reason mentioned in the bug report: if the installer needs it, one may assume the installed system needs it too.

I have been following the bug report since shortly after it was opened. I agree that there are problems there. But I don’t see any easy solutions. I will continue to watch.

I do not understand much of this.

Moderators (that is those members that are also moderators while they are acting in that role) are for moderating and other things to make the forums run as smoothly as possible and to fulfill the forums goal: openSUSE users help other openSUSE users.

When you want to contact the moderators (or staff in general) about the forums, you can either use the report button below the post you want to report something about, or you can use the sub-sections of Forums Feedback.

For the rest the moderators also have a role as members, but in that they are no different from any other member here. Thus when you want attention for something technical openSUSE, there is not special addressing of moderators.

That’s what I didn’t find. I didn’t go all the way to home looking, expecting “technical help” to cover it.

Well, as said above, when your subject is about the forums themselves, there is the Forums Feedback (easy to find on the main page of the forums, where else?).

When it is not about the forums, but technical about openSUSE, then there no reason to call for Moderators as if they are the angels from heaven.

… even though that is what we are, or higher.:stuck_out_tongue: