ati radion HD 3400

I’m confused and frustrated. I hate being a newbie and ignorant of so much I need to know.

I’m can’t enable any fancy desktop effects, I think because I don’t have the proper ATI driver installed. I have googled and read dozens of different ways to install it. Nothing seems to work. I couldnt find a 1 click ati install for opensuse 11.1. I downloaded the latest catalyst from ati and followed the instructions there but couldn’t work out how to uninstall drivers.

  1. How do I find out what graphics driver I’m using?

  2. How do I uninstall a driver?

  3. Where do I find a simple step by step procedure to get this working?

Also, I would like to speed up the mouse a bit. How do I do that?

This is what I did on my 64bit:

Please help… ATI Driver problems! - openSUSE Forums

Thanks, it worked!