ATI proprietary driver from repository vs. Catalyst

This may well be a totally stupid question, but this newbie would like to understand something…

I have an ATI graphics card, and I have found two ways of installing the proprietary ATI driver on 11.2 :

Is there any difference between these two drivers or is it the same? If they are different, which one would you recommend and why?

Maybe have a look here
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

I’m not sure we would go to Softpedia
More likely ATI directly

Your softpedia link was broken (I fixed it in my quote). IMHO you need to contact softpedia to ask them where they get their proprietary driver from.

Typically in our forum we try to go to sources that we know the origin .

In addition to the link caf4926 provided, for the ATI proprietary driver, we typically refer our users to this URL: ATI - openSUSE where there are two methods to install the SAME driver:
*]the so-called “easy” way - by installing the driver from a repository - this can lag a new kernel update sometimes, as it may take time for someone to build the driver and package it into a new URL *]the so-called “hardway” (that is not hard) - this is typically the quickest way to get the proprietary driver after a new kernel build, and also during the alpha/beta/milestone release development process.

Thanks to both of you. I’ll follow the instructions from the ATI Troubleshooting page in case I run into any problems.