ATI Driver Install...

I downloaded the ATI driver from ATI.COM. It told me to go into the terminal and into the directory where the file is saved at. Which is ‘/home/<name>/Desktop/<driver>’. I attempted to run the drive and BASH says ‘invalid command’ and I am doing what the instructions say. I do have all required programs to install. I’ve checked via YaST. I noticed that I couldn’t find anything about XFree86 isn’t that in my OS anyways that allows the GUI? So if that’s the case then I have all required software installed.

Oh and it says I have to be SU to be able to install the driver. Which before entering the command I make sure I am SU by typing ‘SU’ > password and it logs me in as SU…

So yea any suggestions please

Note: I am using SuSE 10.3

Here are the instructions:

I do the automatic install:

# Launch the Terminal Application/Window and navigate to the ATI Proprietary Linux driver download.
# Enter the command to launch the ATI Proprietary Linux driver installer. The ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Setup dialog box is displayed.

<right here when I enter the command it doesn’t run> I get that error “Invalid command”

I have got the same problem and I will be very helpful to anyone who has any clue what to do. I am just newbie with linux and opensuse. I have opensuse 11 with kde 4 installed on Acer Aspire 1652 WLMi with Ati Mobility Radeon X300.

Hi all,

Ok, to run a script that makes system changes like installing a graphics driver you must be superuser, root, or admin. These terms are all the same thing. In your post you say you became user SU, that should be just su (lowercase).

The installer script must be executable, so run the command:

chmod +x installerfile

Then you can run it by either:


or just run

sh installerfile

I don’t know the name of the file so I’ve substituted the text “installerfile”.

However, if you have x300 I think the opensource driver included with the distro should be good enough and less complicated. It’s still hardware 3d rendering.