ATI driver for openSUSE

I finally figured out what I wasn’t doing and installed the ATI driver, the problem I am having now is my display a Viewsonic VX2835WM blows the desktop past the edges of the screen at 1920x1200 which the monitor supports but I can’t adjust it from the displays panel; the options are grayed out; and I can’t seem to figure out how to adjust it inside of openSUSE, does anyone know?

There isn’t a setting inside the ATI control panel to allow me to make the adjustments either. :frowning:



Do you need the ATI-driver? Personally I’m happier with the open-source one. Unless you’re doing heavy 3D-gaming, there’s no drawback to the ATI one.

If you want to stick to the ATI one: KDE/Gnome cannot change the display resolution. Open the control center as super-user. There should be a menu-entry saying so. But you have to log-out and log-in again.


You should provide information about the device model, what driver you installed, what desktop you use and which OS version you run, to start with.