ATI 4870 Fan speeds?

Hey all,
I have the following
Phenom 9750 Quad
KHX 4 GB @ 1066 (running at 800MHz)
Gigabyte GA-MA780x-DS4
ATI 4870

my problem is the 4870 fan controller. Card is an ASUS EAH 4870 1GB DD5. Under vista if you did not install the Asus supplied software the fan would run at minimum rpm. Pretty soon the card would top 80 C. Only the bundled software would give you dynamic fan control. This would keep the card under 50 C even whilst gaming. VISTA is gone! But the card is still with me and I am concerned about this. Smart Doctor os the bundled app.

Can any tell me where to start? is there a software solution or should I look to swapping the default cooler to an after market one?

cheers all.

hope this helps Asus 4850 runs really hot - Phoronix Forums

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Graphical Proccesing Units are allowed to get quite a bit hotter then CPU’s.
Perfectly possible it will wait for the GPU to reach like 90 degrees before putting the fan to work.

I got a NVIDIA 8800GT passively cooled that has reached a heatsink temperature of 90 degrees… yes heatsink, not even the GPU itself… which I can’t monitor due to a lack of sensor, cheapest of the cheapest 8800GT you can find. (Accidentally turned off all case fans so that’s why it got a ‘little’ hot)

It’s still running fine :slight_smile:

In general (though my knowledge might be outdated) if the GPU overheats you’ll start seeing strange blocks trough the screen, and if the video card memory overheats textures will show up trough each other… doesn’t ruin the card though if you don’t leave it like that for ages.

hope this helps Asus 4850 runs really hot - Phoronix Forums

Now thats why this distro is great. Thanks for the tip! Now have a widget that controls fan speed with ease.

Thanks again :wink:

I just want to say thanks again. I ve been online for a few hours with no concern for my card.
Axeia- those 8800’s are a notoriously hot card (temp wise) I envy your relaxed attitude. I’ve never seen a passively cooled one!

If my webcam worked I’d take a picture for ya :wink:
What’s even more amazing is that it’s cooled by an **Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev. 2 ** which is different from a Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 which I thought I had ordered.

Silly website was shortening the line of text that led me to it to “Cooling Accelero…2” so I just clicked the link and ordered it.
No return policy on videocard coolers where I ordered it and since I didn’t want my money go to waste I made it fit. (Card is running fine, even with WOW @ 1680*1050)