Asus XG32AQ monitor stuck in Racing Mode

My monitor is stuck in an unmodifiable mode called “Racing Mode”. Apparently on Windows this is triggered when an Asus monitor receives an HDR signal. This is hilarious since linux does not yet support HDR.
Anyone know of a way to tell Wayland not to send whatever it’s sending that the monitor detects as HDR?
I’m using KDE Plasma by the way.

The racing mode of Asus monitors is controlled by the OSD menu (Button 3: Game visuals) which you can access with the monitor buttons. Consult the manual if you don’t know how to access the OSD menu or which button 3 is…


Yeah I tried that at first, but nothing happens and the OSD options are all greyed out except for Brightness, Input Selection and System setup.

When you have set OSD System setup → power settings → power save mode, the Game visual menu is disabled (as it needs more energy). Set it back to standard mode and all menus should get available.

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This was the issue, which is weird since when you activate 120 hz on Kwin, the monitor asks you if you want to stay in power saving mode or change to normal and I chose normal.
Thank you so much.