Asus laptop screen very dark


I am using Open SuSE amd64 11.1 on an ASUS G50v 64 bit laptop. It has a GeForce 9800m GS with 512MB onboard RAM. I’m dual booting SuSE and Vista.

When I boot into SuSE the screen gets very dark as the bootup is processing and remains so after login. I’m using Vesa 1024x800 16bit video.

When I reboot, the screen remains dark even after POST. The ASUS has a little animated screen that shows briefly after POST and this is also very dark.

The only way to get the screen to lighten back up is to boot into Vista and even this boot process stays dark until the windows logo screen that shows up just before the login prompt.

If I reboot into Vista to get the screen to lighten back up and then reboot again into SuSE safe-mode, then the screen remains light and readable. If, however, I try to reboot into SuSE, the screen darkens again and the whole process of going into Vista and then into SuSE safe-mode has to be started all over.


Thanks in advance!

clarification: VESA framebuffer graphics, 1024x768 16bit

well using VESA with an nvidia card can cause some issue.

the drivers for nvidia cards can be found at

these are all one click installs and will add the repo to your list for future updates