ASUS EeePC 1225B compatibility inquiry.

I just purchased an ASUS EeePC 1225B from from Newegg ( - ASUS Eee PC 1225B-SU17-BK Matte Black AMD Dual-Core Processor E-450 (1.65GHz) 11.6" WXGA 4GB DDR3 on board Memory 320GB HDD Netbook) and I’m planning to remove the Windows 7 it comes with and install openSUSE 64bit in its place. Are there any known issues with this netbook and openSUSE? If so, are they specific to openSUSE or do they apply to GNU/Linux in general?

If it matters, I plan to use this netbook for development with Python 2.7 and PHP5, as well as your usual day-to-day netbook use. I’m planning on using KDE in desktop mode and would be quite upset if I found myself unable to use the propriety video drivers.

Any input on the matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

On 07/07/12 23:56, avonin wrote:
> If so, are they specific to
> openSUSE or do they apply to GNU/Linux in general?

Speaking as a eeepc owner. I have to say mine works excellently.
But it has intel graphics
Check the exact graphics type and then check at the ATI drivers site

In addition to checking the graphics type compatibility, also checking the wireless compatibility, and sound/mic compatibility is IMHO likely a good idea prior to removing a currently functioning OS (ie MS-Windows).

If you have an external hard drive, you could plug that in and boot to a liveCD as a test.

On 09/07/12 06:26, oldcpu wrote:
> If you have an external hard drive, you could plug that in and boot to
> a liveCD as a test.

On mine
Press Esc at BIOS screen and you get boot options (Eg: USB)

I like OpenSuse! I have OpenSuse 12.1 - 64 and the Asus EeePC 1018. Atom n570 BlueTooth 3.0 Usb 3.0 is installed on the laptop only OpenSuse!
My problem:
After falling a sleep service BlueTooth (restart manually)
2 Problems with Wi-Fi, could not find a driver (Broadcom) for the OS installation hardware is not detected
3 Do not be canceled without the input of the password to the system (all settings are made KDE)
4 NetworkManager when you try to store passwords in encrypted passwords are not stored, simply disappear and the connection can not be established.
Store passwords in a file without encryption (this is bad)
5 pop-up message on USB device (SD card is connected permanently to the encrypted file system)
not removed automatically, which is annoying.

Thanks for all of the input, guys. I was using my iPod this week, so while I didn’t get a chance to reply, I was actively following this thread.

Anyway, after much grief with Newegg, I’m now using the 1225B to write this reply. As soon as I took it out of the box, I booted up the 64bit openSUSE 12.1 LiveUSB and installed it, reformatting the drive in the process.

**What works:
**-The webcam
-The microphone
----you need to manually turn it up in alsamixer
----Tap-to-click isn’t working, but there could be an easy way around this.

**The Asus Eee PC 1225B comes with an AMD e450 with an integrated Radeon HD 6320 GPU. Upon installing openSUSE, the opensource radeon driver was in use. With this, I was able to run KDE4 with its desktop effects flawlessly. With vertical sync enabled, I get little to no screen tearing. I tried, for about 2 hours, to get the proprietary drivers installer, but every time they would complain about unsupported hardware (even the ones off the AMD site). In the end, I’m content with the opensource driver. It gets the job done.

**My only complaint would have to be how laggy it can be. There are times when the entire system will lock up for a good 10-15 seconds. The mouse will still move smoothly, but the rest of the computer will remain unresponsive and frozen. I’m no expert, but I feel like this is the e450’s fault. I noticed that these lockups occur most frequently - almost constantly at times - when I’m listening to music on Grooveshark. During this time, the CPU load is sitting up around 90%. I don’t know how I would go about fixing this, or if it’s even fixable, but that’s really my only complaint.

Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase. I didn’t get to write much serious code on this yet, but I wrote some CSS/HTML last night with Kate and Google Chrome and I felt like this provided a solid platform for writing code. Anyway, I’m not the best writer, but I just wanted to chime back in for future Googlers looking up this model’s compatibility. Also, If anyone has any insight into my issues, I would love to hear their thoughts.

Could it be an app like akonadi and/or Nepomuk is slowing your PC down ? I have read some users (who saw similar ‘lockouts’) claim by disabling the functionality of those two apps, they are able to stop such behaviour. I’m not an expert on this thou, so someone who is more up to speed on this would likely need to provide more detail.

On 16/07/12 21:36, avonin wrote:
> If anyone has any insight into my issues,

Only comment I can make is, these little devices have limitations.
I upped my machine from 1GB to 2GB RAM, but it didn’t really make that
much difference. And it’s nothing to do with ‘Linux’, as I have had
Windows on my eeepc and it has the same issues you describe and that I
have experienced too.
I tend to keep my running apps to a minimum and I find it easier to work
the forum here using a newsreader than using http in firefox.
Overall though, I’m happy with mine and it’s just that bit handier than
a full size laptop, and so much more useful than a tablet.

Hi I am also looking to buy the same net book but was kind of wondering is the wireless working in injection and monitor mode or is it working at all an answer from you would be great because you already have the net book

Thanks for reading