Asking for CD 1? Video messed up. Ubuntu installs.

When I try and install openSuSE 11.1 from the DVD no mater what video choice I make graphical, VESA or, text it asks for CD1 and stops there.

The video mode is all messed up in the default install screen. I need 1400X900 at 60Hz but the video is all jittery blury and very much the wrong size I doesn’t offer my any choice for that video mode.

As a test I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and it detects the proper video mode and and installs.

What am I doing wrong? I have installed openSuSe 11.1 on two other boxes here using the graphical installer with no problems. I am not even getting past first base.+

Video card is a ATI 128 RagePro.

You are sure the disc is OK. I know you said you already installed on other machines, but just check it with the media check.

Was my first thought. Freshly burned. MD5 sum passed in K3b. New good disk from a freshly downloaded ISO file.

Looks like I solved the DVD /CD/ problem but replacing the “combo"CD RW DVD drive” with a known good plain DVD Drive.
VESA Install in progress

Was not a Bad Disk was a flaky drive.