Article: S.C.L.U. - SUSE Create Live USB - Version 1.55

SCREENSHOTS: USB Selection Menu:

ISO Image Selection Menu (GREEN=ONLINE & RED=NOT FOUND):

ISO Confirmation Burning Screen:

**ISO Image Download Screen:

ISO Burn Complete Screen:

NEW USB Format / Partition Screen - You may return the Drive to Normal or Use the rest of the Drive as Normal:

I have written a new bash script I am calling SUSE Create Live USB or S.C.L.U. for short. and I have included the eigth basic Live image URL’s plus the four normal installation DVD’s URL’s for openSUSE versions 12.2 and 12.3 but it can be modified to include any openSUSE Live version URL’s. Since openSUSE 12.3, Live images are too big for a CD and must be burnt to a DVD or in the case, a large enough USB Thumb Drive. When first run, S.C.L.U. will identify your USB Thumb Drive by internal name and drive size, un-mount if it is mounted and allow the selection of one of the 12 openSUSE 12.2 & 12.3 images. The image will be downloaded for you if it is not already in your Downloads folder. In version 1.50 I have added the ability to select an existing ISO file in your default Downloads folder and I have added in the ISO file list for openSUSE 12.3. If, when you run S.C.L.U., the ISO image name is found online, it will appear in green. And if it was not found online, it will appear in red. You may not be online then or the ISO URL is no longer valid for some reason. S.C.L.U. now creates a program icon for you on your Desktop and in the Applications menu if they do not already exist.

So, here is S.C.L.U. for your consideration.

To create S.C.L.U., Copy and Paste the text of this script into a text editor and save it as the file sclu in your home area bin folder (~/bin/sclu). The script is too large to be posted in a message here and is now included in SUSE Paste.

S.C.L.U. - SUSE Create Live USB - Version 1.55

Open the above Link in a new Tab. Select the Download option in the top right and then select Open With Kwrite or other text editor and then save the bash script text file as ~/bin/sclu. It is possible to directly download S.C.L.U. using the following terminal command (You must delete or rename the old version of S.C.L.U. first should one exist):

rm ~/bin/sclu
wget -nc -O ~/bin/sclu

Save this bash script as the text file slrc in the folder ~/bin (/home/username/bin). This script must be marked executable to be used. Please run the following Terminal command:

chmod +x ~/bin/sclu

It is even possible to string all three of these commands together as one. Copy the following command, open up a terminal session, paste it in and press enter:

rm ~/bin/sclu ; wget -nc -O ~/bin/sclu ; chmod +x ~/bin/sclu

To use sclu, just open a terminal session and type in the command:


If you have downloaded my bash script called asroot then it is possible to run S.C.L.U. without entering the root user password. The syntax would then be:

asroot sclu ~/Downloads

Where ~/Downloads is the default ISO download folder and must exist. If you have any questions about the usage of this bash script, please let me know.

Thank You,

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