are there alternatives to gimagereader + tesseract-ocr?

Tesseract-OCR works great together with gimagereader.

I really wonder,why it opensuse does not have it in the standard repos, as basically any distro.

Or what other graphical interface for tesseract is there? And also, the tesseract language pack are not main? There is no Russian pack available for example.

Surprise - because nobody packaged it, submitted to openSUSE and committed to maintaining it.

It could be your chance to contribute to openSUSE for the benefit of others.

There are a few home repo versions (including mine), no interest in maintaining outside of my home, it requires other packages to be in the openSUSE release…

Yes, I am using yours, as always thank you, but I cannot find anything similar, so I was wondering, why it not main.

Just thinking, so this would be basically an app that would profit from snap?

Have no idea, like I indicated, MicroOS is targeting flatpaks, just need to craft the rpm into that.